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Enjoy Safe Travels With a Travel Neck Wallet

Young woman holding a passport while traveling, travel neck wallet concept

When you’re near your home you have the comfort of a do-over if you’ve left something behind. It’s usually not a concern if you must turn around the car to go retrieve your wallet accidentally left behind on your nightstand at home. If you live in a comfortable neighborhood, familiar with the staff of places you frequent, you may be nearly at ease to recover your credit card left behind at a restaurant. But when you’re traveling far from home, you need the security of knowing your valuables and travel documents are held safely close to your body. That’s when you need a travel neck wallet.

Improve Your Traveling Organization and Security With a Neck Wallet

Being left stranded in an unfamiliar place with no money, ID, or travel documents is a terrifying and costly experience (the difficult, time-consuming process of replacing a lost or stolen passport overseas can be found here). The travel neck wallet from e-Holster serves two purposes. It protects your valuable items from theft — it even includes pockets with RFID blocking material for electronic theft protection — and it ensures that you don’t lose the items either.

Though the neck wallet is designed to guard against thieves, the truth is, you may be your own worst threat if you misplace any of these items. When you travel outside your comfortable home setting, you’ll be carrying items you normally don’t have with you, so it’s easy to forget about them and misplace them. A travel neck wallet with multiple compartments housing your credit cards, cash, passports and ID’s, and airline tickets helps you remain organized in an unfamiliar setting.

1 in 7 Travelers Miss a Flight — Don’t Let it Happen to You!

A recent survey, as cited in this Forbes magazine article, reports that one of every seven travelers have missed a flight due to long security lines. If you’re at the back of the line because searching for your passport or other critical travel documents, you may end up stranded there. New COVID-19 related travel complexities are causing passage through the airport even more difficult due to staff reductions and social distancing issues. More now than ever, personal organization is crucial for a successful and pleasant journey.

The Travel Neck Wallet from -Holster is ideal for the common travel because of these features:

  • RFID protective layering — Includes 13.56MHz frequency RFID blocking to protect your valuables against electronic data theft.
  • Multiple, secure pockets — It includes both zippered pockets for the greatest security and three open pockets for easy access to commonly used items. They range in sizes small enough for keys, earbuds, and change to larger sizes to house passports and your phone.
  • Adjustable neck strap — The Neck Wallet has a 36″ neck strap that can be easily adjusted to fit any body type. Bonus alert — it also has a belt loop if you’d prefer to carry it on your hip instead!
  • Comfortable size — Fully open, the Neck Wallet is 11″ tall x 5.375″ wide, but it conveniently folds down to a size of 3.75″ tall x 5.375″ wide.
  • Long-lasting materials and long-lasting comfort — The fully washable Travel Neck Wallet is made with durable nylon fabric on the outside with a soft fabric material on the back for a comfortable ride against your skin if worn beneath your shirt.
  • 100% guaranteed satisfaction — If you’re not completely satisfied with this product you can return it for a full refund.

Enjoy Your Next Trip With a Travel Neck Wallet

The e-Holster Travel Neck Wallet is ideal for travelers that need that extra layer of theft protection with RFID blocking, and the security of knowing you have everything you need wherever you go. Travel away from home can be a series of accidents waiting to happen. Missing air or travel reservation deadlines, losing important papers, and money theft can happen all too easily when your valuables are mistakenly placed in various clothing pockets or luggage compartments. Make your next trip more comfortable with the peace of mind knowing you have your most important travel items secured and organized where you can always find them — in the Travel Neck Wallet from e-Holster.