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7 Signs a Wallet Phone Case is The Right Choice for You

A wallet phone case with various items

Some people like to have a collection of small personal items. Shades, wallet, cellphone, music, headphones, chapstick…. the list can go on. Some people like a more streamlined existence. Instead of a dozen personal items, you may feel that it’s better to pack everything into one easy-to-grab kit. It’s the sturdier, more reliable solution and requires far less ritual to arrive or leave anywhere. And a wallet phone case is the perfect option.

If this sounds like you, then you’re in the right place. As makers of cases, the e-Holster team is proud to offer to you a long-standing industry innovation: The wallet phone case. This is a phone case that folds neatly into a sturdy wallet. It can drop into a pocket or clip on your belt. These cases are all-in-one and tend to be heavy. They can be too much for some, but for the right wearers, they are the best for personal utility.

Is a wallet phone case right for you? Here are the qualities we’ve most noticed in people who thrive with an all-in-one wallet solution:

You Wear Big Pockets And/Or a Sturdy Belt

A wallet phone case is not for the faint of heart, or pocket. It’s a sturdy solution that weighs what you might expect: the weight of both your phone and a large wallet. It would be a pocket-deforming burden on some garments, but not sturdy cargo pockets. If you regularly wear work jeans or cargo pants/shorts, then this case may be right for you.

Likewise, those who wear a sturdy belt every day can also sport one of these cases without worry, as the belt clip allows you to set that bulk-weight wherever you carry it most comfortably.

You Have Ever Slipped Your ID Into Your Phone Case

People who like the wallet phone case tend to be utilitarians at heart. You’d rather have one thing to carry than two. So if you need your phone, ID, and a payment card, why not slip that all into one tidy pocket-packet? If you’ve ever tucked your driver’s license and/or a credit card into the flexible sheath of your phone case, you’re already halfway there.

You Regularly Over-Stuff Your Wallet

Likewise, we’ve found that people who like a well-stuffed wallet (or have one whether you like it or not) are also great with one of these cases on their hip. These tend to be larger for wallets, in order to be big enough to cradle a modern smartphone. If your wallet is never big enough, enjoy the more spacious pockets and zip-compartments of a wallet phone case. Plenty of room for earphones, medication, USB sticks, and more.

You are Constantly Juggling Your Wallet and Phone

Some naturally struggle with the two-item system. You may constantly feel like you’re trying to hold both your wallet and phone at the same time. You may lose track of which pocket holds the each because they are similarly weighted and switch constantly. If you can never quite keep these belongings straight, the all-in-one solution is a big improvement.

You’ve Ever Rubber-Banded Your Belongings Together

We know you, those at-home engineers who can always put a rubber-band to use. Why worry about keeping your wallet and phone separate when you can keep them together? From vegetable bands to technician bands to hair bands, many a DIY engineer has strapped their phone to their wallet for good measure. You’ll love a wallet that does that for you, with a hinge instead of wrapped rubber.

You have Ever Stuffed Your Phone Into a Large Wallet

Likewise, we bet there are a few out there who have purchased a long wallet for the sole purpose of stuffing your cellphone inside. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, and it almost always deforms a wallet not built for the job. A wallet phone case will combine the two perfectly every time. No need to improvise when the product you’ve just re-invented is quite available for sale if you know what to ask for.

You Either Forget Your Wallet, or Your Phone, But Never Both

Finally, there are many who always forget one thing. It’s very common to forget your phone or to forget your wallet. But if you never forget both then you are in the sweet-spot for benefitting from a combo. With these practical cases, your ability to put -something- in your pocket in the morning will ensure you have both every single time you leave the house.

Are you the kind of utilitarian who has always felt that wallets and phones should travel as one? So are we! Contact us or check out the online store for a full selection of wallet phone cases for whichever style best fits your cellphone and suits your utilitarian needs.