iPad Carrying Case

Benefits of Using an iPad without Removing it From Carrying Case

Whether at work or at home, sometimes removing an iPad or similar mobile device from its carrying case to use it is simply not convenient nor safe. In an effort to help solve this problem, let’s examine the benefits of using an iPad carrying case with a touch capacitive screen protector.

Saves Time

Ultimately, not having to take an iPad out of its carrying case every time it’s used will save time for owners. In work situations where a person is walking around warehouses, inspecting items, and conducting their duties on the go, having the ability to use their iPad without having to remove it every instance will save significant time, as it will for personal uses as well.

Protecting iPads from Damage

Mobile devices aren’t cheap, and every instance they’re taken out of their carrying cases they’re subjected to various elements and/or accidents. Basically, when owners can use their iPad without removing it from its protective carrying case, its chances of being dropped and damaged will decrease.

This makes sense considering iPad carrying cases are used when owners are on the go; this means they’ll be in positions, environments, and situations different than their homes, which may lead to iPads being dropped and/or subjected to spills, inadvertent bumps, and inclement weather when outside. These unknown variables are guarded against when iPads stay secure and protected inside their carrying cases, even when being used.

Workers using iPads and similar mobile devices will especially benefit from not having to remove them from their carrying cases, as they often go between needing their hands and handling their devices. If they had to remove them from their cases every time, they would be tempted to set them down in precarious places where they might be dropped, get bumped, or be subjected to damaging elements.

Protecting iPads from Theft

Another benefit of keeping the iPad in its carrying case while traveling or when out and about in the city is keeping it protected from theft. While the iPad is inside its carrying case, not only will thieves have a harder time snatching it away from owners, there will be less of a chance for owners to misplace it or set it down out of sight.

The shoulder/waist strap and/or leg strap of the carrying case can always be fastened to owners while they’re using their iPads; this way they can rest and relax without having to be on guard against prowling thieves. The key benefit is the iPad would always be fastened to the owner, which would deter thieves from thinking they could snatch it and run away.

Convenient Applications

Having an iPad carrying case without a touch capacitive screen protector is better than not having one at all, yet owners will find this attribute very convenient from day-to-day. Besides the general benefits we’ve discussed, here are some applications where this attribute would be especially convenient:

    • grocery shopping
    • insurance agent inspecting a claim
    • college student navigating campus map
    • traveler searching for details of attraction
    • bicyclist stopping for directions with sprinkling rain
    • cook looking up recipes at work
    • reading the news at a cafe

Essentially, the question is: if owners are going to buy and use an iPad carrying case (which they likely will), why wouldn’t they buy one that offers this convenient attribute? Considering the other attributes e-Holster’s iPad carrying cases come with (shoulder/waist strap, leg strap, molle straps for belt attachment, durable materials, and design), this should be a no-brainer.


Protecting iPads with a carrying case doesn’t mean owners have to take the time and risk to remove it every instance they want to use it; at least, not when they have an iPad carrying case with a touch capacitive screen protector.

Being able to use an iPad without removing it from its carrying case saves owners time, ensures protection for their expensive mobile devices, and reduces the chances of theft and misplacement. The good news is e-Holster has quality iPad carrying cases with touch capacitive screens for just the right price. If interested in learning more please contact us today.