server apron

At Last! A Server Apron Made For Wait Staff

A restaurant server wearing an apron during COVID

Anyone who has waited tables knows that sometimes you wished you literally had an extra set of hands. You are taking an order, looking for a straw to set down with a glass of water, and are fishing for a cloth to wipe up a spill all at the same time. You need some help. The e-Holster Restaurant Server Apron can give you the assistance that you need.

Keep It Organized

“A place for everything and everything in its place” isn’t just a cliché. It is a way to make your job easier. Being able to find what you need when you need it makes all the difference in the world. In order for you to be prepared, The Restaurant Server Apron has five pockets to keep things in order. 

many pockets in the server apron

It has a roomy top pocket for larger items or things like extra napkins or condiments. It can also hold an electronic order pad. In front of the top pocket is a pocket that is the right size to hold a guestbook or tablet. It is perfectly placed so that you can easily take it out and put it back.

On the left side, there are two conveniently placed pockets for straws, pens, and other items you’ll need. 

There is a right-side pocket that has a Velcro snap. It is perfect for safeguarding important items, like keys to the storage area. You can also keep things that you don’t want to keep in your locker like your wallet or cellphone.

Having a server apron that has what you need in place so that you don’t need to look for it makes your job easier and makes you look like a pro. After all, if Annie Oakley had to fumble for her handgun she’d never have been one of the best sharpshooters known to history. She knew where her gun was, right in her holster.

Your Job Is Tough So Our Apron Is, Too

Server Aprons got through a lot in a shift. Food and drinks get spilled on them. They get caught on sharp corners. Or they get tossed in lockers and flung onto tables. And they undergo a lot of wear and tear.

The e-Holster Restaurant Server Apron is made of ballistic nylon. This nylon was developed to protect military airmen from fragments from bullets and artillery-shells. It can stand up to any rough treatment you put it through.

In addition, after a big double shift where it seems like every bit of dirt in the restaurant landed on your apron, you can toss it into the washer and it comes out looking like new. 

Wear It How You Like

We at e-Holsters know that servers come in all shapes and sizes. That’s why we included adjustable shoulder and waist straps. That way you can choose what works best for you. Simply remove the shoulder strap if you don’t need it. The waist strap folds up and can be stored behind a Velcro closure on the reverse side of the apron. Also, you can loosen or tighten the straps as needed.

Henry Ford famously said, “You can have any color as long as it is black.” While that thought isn’t why we made our Server Apron in black, it does go with everything.

The e-Holster Restaurant Server Apron Was Made With You In Mind

We at e-Holster know that as a server, you need a lot of different things in order to do your job well. You also need those items in a compact, trouble-free apron. It needed to be wearable, washable, and comfortable. We brought all of that together in our Restaurant Server Apron. Contact us to find out how it can make your shift a little easier.