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You’ve Never Seen a More Versatile Restaurant Server Apron

Restaurant server wearing a server apron at work during COVID

Aside from pens, a server apron is probably the most important tool in a server’s arsenal. In one of the most stressful and fast-paced settings, one can be in; the restaurant apron helps to keep everything organized in one place. If you are an industry veteran, you know that not all aprons are made the same, and some are pretty basic. There is nothing basic about this server pouch, which you will find is perfect for any restaurant and any situation — and when you have the right tools for the job, you will walk out with more money at the end of the night. 

restaurant server apron

Wear on Your Shoulder or Around Your Waist

You wouldn’t think that much innovation could be had with a restaurant apron strap, but the e-Holster server apron has improved the design. This strap with clips on either end can be worn as a traditional apron belt, but it can also be slung over the shoulder like a bag. Having this versatility allows the e-Holster to fit into restaurant dress codes and also allows the server to express their individuality if the opportunity presents itself. 

Pockets for Everything

An apron for servers is ninety percent pockets, but the pockets aren’t functional in some aprons. This highly-rated apron for waitress satisfaction has thought of everything regarding the size, shape, and configuration of the pockets. The apron has five pockets total, four open pockets of differing sizes, and a Velcro pocket to store your cash. The open pockets are made to fit small items like pens and straws to a full-sized tablet if that is how your restaurant takes orders. Having an organized place for everything saves you valuable seconds during a rush. 

Highly Durability

Servers around the country will tell you stories about ruining a brand-new apron on the same day they get it — that isn’t going to happen with the e-Holster product. Solid materials prevent this apron from all kinds of wear and tear, including loose strings, snags, and tears, meaning that this apron will save you money in the long run because it will last twice as long as other brands. 

For the Owners 

Owners may question why they should spend extra money on a server apron like this, but there are plenty of reasons why e-Holster aprons are a great investment for your restaurant and your people. 


Thanks to the adjustable nylon belt and the body’s material, this is an incredibly comfortable apron. You care about your employees, so their comfort is on a list of your priorities, and comfortable employees are happy and can focus on their jobs. 


It’s no secret that margins are slim in the restaurant industry, and anything you can do to set yourself apart from the crowd will mean an increase in business. Having servers wear their aprons over their shoulders is a fun and unique twist that will have customers remembering and talking about your restaurant. 

Cut Costs

If you provide uniforms for your servers, you will love the cost savings that these aprons offer. Their durability means that you won’t need to be providing new aprons to servers regularly. Having pockets that fit all sizes of tablets also cuts down on the accidental dropping of expensive devices. They also wash nice and don’t fade, so your servers will be looking clean, and you won’t need to replace an apron just because it’s worn-looking. 

Closing Time

Once you have worked a shift with the e-Holster Restaurant Server Apron, you will never think about another server apron again. This item’s convenience and organization are second to none and will improve your service and time management skills. Owners love them because their employees are happier and more efficient — happy employees make happy customers, and happy customers come back again and again.