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e-Holster Restaurant Server Apron Review


For many years, waiters, waitresses, and bartenders have used basic aprons with no exciting features. Things have now changed since the introduction of the e-Holster Restaurant Server Apron. This apron is a life-saver as it has many incredible features that make your work easier and increase productivity.

Whether you want an apron that has versatile wearing options or one that’s durable, the e-Holster apron is a perfect choice. Unlike most aprons, this server pouch has five pockets that allow you to neatly organize your pens, change, phones, and all the extra tidbits your customers might need. So, what makes the e-Holster apron must-add working equipment for your restaurant? Here are its features and benefits.

1.  Versatile Wearing Options

e-Holster server apron comes with adjustable straps, and you can adjust them to fit your waist or shoulders. Also, the shoulder straps are removable, so you can detach them when not in use. The plastic belt features a high-impact, durable buckle that is easy to unlatch and latch.

In case you don’t like using the waist belt, you can neatly fold and hide it behind the Velcro closure on the backside. That way, the straps won’t bother you when going on with your daily activities. With this server pouch, you can comfortably shift it to be on the back, front, or sides.

2.  Organized Pockets

If you’re a waiter or bartender, you’ll love the utility belt organizer because it has plenty of pockets. It has five pockets that allow you to keep your stuff organized and easy to find. These pockets come in different sizes, and some pockets are large enough to accommodate larger devices, such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab or an iPad mini.

This little pouch will handle most of your essentials. It will work for the guest book, server book, pens, straws, change, and all the necessary items that you might need to get the work done. The Velcro pocket is well hidden, and you can use it to keep your tip money.

3.  Built to Last

e-Holster uses the finest materials to manufacture its products, and its restaurant server apron is no exception. This 5-pocket server apron is made of heavy-duty ballistic nylon. The pockets have industrial stitching reinforcement and can handle the weight without tearing down.

The durability makes these aprons more functional and long-lasting than typical aprons. Additionally, these side bag organizers are thick and slightly water-resistant, which is always a plus because they can withstand minor spills that might happen when serving your clients.

4.  Offers a Hands-Free Solution

With e-Holster server aprons, you don’t have to struggle to carry pens, phones, and other extra items with your hands. The many pockets in this apron allow you to place and organize your stuff neatly. You can perform your duties more efficiently without worrying about dropping some items. This utility apron makes it easier to manage and find an item in case you need it.

Final Thoughts

Every waiter or waitress dreams of an apron that will increase their productivity. E-Holster aprons are the best choice for those who want to perform their restaurant duties efficiently without worrying about where to keep their small items.

Unlike other aprons in the market today with fewer to no pockets, the e-Hostler aprons have plenty of pockets to help you neatly organize your items. Use the pockets to keep your pens, tablets, money, change, and other things you might need when serving your customers.

Are you ready to start using a modern apron? E-Holster is here to help. Our experts will help you pick an apron that suits your needs. Contact us today to explore the options available!