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Travel Money Belt: Something You Need For Your Everyday Carry

Man wearing a travel money belt

We all have an everyday carry, whether we think of it that way or not. Chances are good you’ve even got it all set up on your bedside table. Wallet, keys, phone, watch, and pen, for instance. A wallet in the back pocket, keys in the left, pen in the right, phone on your belt clip, watch on your left wrist, and you’re ready to start the day! If you’ve got a heavy load of classes, or you’re heading into the office, you might need your satchel pre-loaded with everything from charging cables and thumb drives to your stainless steel water bottle to help you take on the day. And you should consider using a travel money belt to keep your items organized and accessible.

When it comes to your EDC, though, where does security come into the picture? Because even if you’re completely safe ninety percent of the time, you should still consider what’s going to help get you through that other ten percent.

Whether you’re worried about your ID or your money, your passport, or your hand sanitizer (more important now than it’s ever been before), you should consider adding a travel money belt to your everyday carry in order to keep everything together.

What’s a Travel Money Belt (And What Can It Do For Me)?

The whole idea behind everyday carry is that you only bring the stuff you’re going to need for everyday challenges. It’s why so many of us bring our technology, our currency, and our basic needs, but not much more. Well, the travel money belt from e-Holster embraces this idea of taking just what you need and keeping it safe.

The travel money belt is a tight-fitting nylon pouch that you secure around your waist. It has two zippered pockets for all your stuff, and the belt itself is made with RFID protection to help keep your credit cards and other personal effects safe from randomly being copied digitally while you’re out at about. The belt can be adjusted for your comfort, and if you desire it can even be worn over the shoulder so your waist is less encumbered.

In addition to keeping your stuff safe, this travel money belt keeps it secure, and within easy reach. There’s never a moment where your keys can fall out of your pocket because you stood up too quickly or a time when someone dipped their fingers into your back pocket on the street. Everything is kept close to your body and within easy reach. This ensures that no matter where you are or what you’re doing that everything you brought with you will stay firmly and comfortably in its place.

It’s Not Just For Special Occasions

A lot of us think of money belts as something you only wear some of the time. You strap it on when you’re going on a business trip, for example, or when you’re on vacation far away from home. While those are certainly good times to use a travel money belt, it really is something you can comfortably wear every day. Whether you’re just taking the train into work, going out for a ride on your motorcycle, walking around downtown to check out a summer festival, or even something you’ll put on when theme parks open back up again, a travel money belt is an accessory that does its job year in, and year out.

Even if you leave the house for one of those 90 percent days where nothing much happens, and nothing goes wrong, a travel money belt is a comfortable, convenient way to keep all your stuff in order. And if it is one of those ten percent days where a thief tries to snatch your credit card details with an RFID scanner or a pickpocket notices you on the street, your travel money belt might let you keep right on with your day without so much as a hitch in your stride.