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Drop Leg Bags: The Solution To Your Everyday Carry Needs

Did you ever stop to think about how much stuff you carry on a daily basis? There’s your wallet and keys, for a start. You probably also carry a smartphone. How about a pocket knife? A phone charger? Business cards? A pocket notebook and pen? While it might not feel like a lot, take a look at your entry table the next time you empty your pockets, and you’ll notice you probably have more stuff on your person than you were expecting. And if you take inventory of your body, you might notice that some of your stuff rubs you the wrong way throughout the day. Your wallet is uncomfortable to sit on, your keys never seem to fit right in your pocket, and if you stand up too fast your pen jabs you in the thigh.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could carry all of that stuff in a single place, without it poking you every time you sat down, or shifted in your chair? What if this solution looked cool to boot? If you’re looking for the crossroads between functional and cool, then you need a drop leg bag.

Drop Leg Bags: What Your Everyday Carry Needs

If you’ve never seen drop leg bags before, they’re kind of like a tactical fanny pack. The bag sits on your thigh, with a strap around your leg to keep it snug, and another around your waist to hold it in place. The bag puts the weight of your gear in a place that’s comfortable to carry, and which avoids strain on your shoulder. Better still, a drop leg bag sits right at hand level if you have your arm fully extended, so whatever you need you can get it without much effort. That location is also why some folks call them gunslinger bags.

The great thing about these bags, aside from their convenience, is that they can be geared toward whatever your carry needs happen to be. For example, if you need a miniature iPad for work, then a leg drop bag sized for an iPad mini might be just what you need. It keeps your tech in a comfortable, load-bearing spot on your body, reducing your strain, and keeping your hands free. On the other hand, if you need a full iPad with a protective screen so you can use it without taking it out of the holster, then an iPad carrying case with a touch capacitive screen protector might be more geared toward your particular needs. You can see exactly what’s going on at a glance, and once you’re used to the view, you can tap into the information you need without breaking stride.

Comfortable, Functional Options

Drop leg bags have been used by everyone from construction workers to soldiers, and for a good reason; they get the job done. While you might not be working high iron or dodging incoming fire, these accessories can give you the same comfort, convenience, and security as those working in the field. Not only that, but they can add a lot of flair to your fashion. They make an ideal summertime accessory when you can’t wear a jacket for extra pockets, and when you might be going on a hike, or to an amusement park, and you need to keep your gear zipped up and locked down.

Lastly, if you do start to get some chafing on your leg, or find that you need to take a break, a drop leg bag can be switched to a traditional shoulder bag with a few, small adjustments. That added versatility means you can always wear your bag in whatever way works best for you, and which suits your needs.