drop leg bags

Drop Leg Bags Are The Ideal Accessory For Summer!

When spring gives way to summer, a lot of changes start happening. Jackets start going back in the closet for good, swimsuits get pulled out, and sunscreen begins making a regular appearance once more. You also make the sort of plans you don’t make any other time of the year. Bonfires on the beach, days at the amusement park with your friends and family, or just heading into the mountains to hike that trail you’ve been itching to try out since you discovered it this past winter.

There’s something else that changes with the arrival of summer, though… your ability to carry stuff conveniently. Any other time of year you could just put on a jacket, and use the extra pockets to your advantage, but summer makes that impossible to do while staying cool and comfortable. Sure you could carry a purse or a backpack everywhere you go, but that’s just one more thing to keep track of while you’re out and about trying to enjoy yourself. And a lot of the time you just don’t need that much extra room. Just a few extra pockets to hold your essentials, without feeling loaded down, is really all you need. And if you could snap, zip, or Velcro them closed, that would just be ideal.

Which is why, when the mercury starts rising, you should make sure you have a drop leg utility bag ready as your summer companion.

Don’t Face Summer Without Drop Leg Bags

drop leg bag leatherIf you’re not familiar with drop leg bags, you’ve probably seen them being worn by bikers, construction workers, hikers, and others. It looks like a tactical holster, belted around the waist, but dropping down to sit on the thigh. A second belt goes around the leg, keeping the bag in place so that it doesn’t flap around, or chafe the skin.

Instead of holding a gun, though, these bags have a panoply of pockets that allow you to carry whatever you need when you leave the house. There’s more than enough room for your phone, your keys, your wallet, some chapstick, a notebook, a couple of pens, business cards, a small first aid kit, a signal mirror, and some zinc for your nose if you decide to lay out and get a tan. Not only can these bags carry everything you need, but they allow you to carry it in such a way that it won’t create any strain on you. By using your hips, and the muscle of your thigh, a drop leg bag’s weight can feel negligible, allowing you to carry all your stuff in comfort no matter how long or how active your day is. The same can’t be said of purses and backpacks, which often leave your neck and shoulder aching from the one-sided weight you’ve been carting around.

Look Cool, And Keep Your Stuff To Hand

Drop leg bags aren’t just practical, though. They also lend you a particular edge to your look that can quickly become a signature of your summertime apparel. These drop leg bags come in a wide variety of styles and looks, allowing you to find something that expresses yourself, while still making sure you never have to leave any of your necessary gear behind. So whether it’s canvas and zippers, black leather and studs, or something a little less showy, drop leg bags will make you stand out among your friends and peers.

More than just standing out, though, you’ll have people coming up to you and asking where you got that utility bag. Because they make summer easier, and nothing is cooler than that.