drop leg bags

Drop Leg Bags: The Ideal Amusement Park Accessory

amusement park rideWith the mercury rising, and summer on the horizon, a lot of people are planning trips and vacations. For some people that means long car rides, staying over with family, or heading out into nature to relax at a cabin, or cool off in a lake. For others, though, summer means hitting all the amusement parks their budget and stomach can handle. After all, what could be better? School is out, you’ve got all kinds of delicious food on hand, roller coasters to ride, and you’ll be making memories that will last a lifetime!

Of course, anyone who’s ever been on a serious roller coaster knows you can lose more than your lunch when the ride takes a sharp turn, or turns a couple of loops. Everything from your wallet, to your keys, to your tickets can go flying right out the side if you’re not careful, and that can put a serious crimp in what would otherwise be a great piece of summer fun as you try to figure out where your ID, badge, and money went while you were screaming.

That’s why, if you’re planning on seriously defying gravity and the laws of physics, you should consider getting yourself a drop leg bag to as it is the perfect amusement park accessory.

It’s Like A Fanny Pack, Only Better!

For all the booing and hissing we throw at fanny packs in the learned future of the 21st century, there is no denying that they are extremely handy fashion accessories. This is particularly true when the temperature is soaring, so you don’t want to wear bulky shorts or vests, but you still want to carry all your daily necessities with you. And if you’re going to a place for the express purpose of rushing at speeds and angles usually deemed impossible, a fanny pack would keep all your possessions strapped down, zipped-up, and still within easy reach when the ride is over.

A drop leg bag serves all the same functions as a fanny pack, but it does so while adding flair to your look instead of dumping in a dash of the wrong kind of retro. These bags sit comfortably on your thigh, hung from your waist and typically strapped around your leg for extra support. This means you have extra support for carrying your sundries (the hip and leg can carry weight more easily than other parts of you), and it means you don’t have to sling a backpack over your shoulder or carry a purse everywhere you go. More importantly, though, these bags come with plenty of zippers and Velcro, meaning there’s no worry about losing your cell phone, your wallet, or any of your other necessities while you’re enjoying the latest triple loop with your friends and loved ones with this amusement park accessory.

A Sharp Accessory For Your Everyday Needs

What makes a drop leg bag an ideal amusement park accessory also makes it handy for pretty much anywhere else you plan on going for your summertime travels. Whether it’s hiking in the hills, going for a walk along the beach, biking along hidden trails, or even heading into the woods for a little hunting, these bags are a great companion to have along. They’re convenient, they have enough compartmentalization that you can easily find what you need when you need it, and they don’t put any strain on your shoulders, back, or other joints. Perhaps most importantly, though, you can avoid looking like you just stepped out of the 80s, before they realized that no matter what outfit you’re wearing, a fanny pack doesn’t pull it together.