drop leg bags

Drop Leg Bags: Your Key to Carrying Extra Paintballs

Your breath is coming hard, and your muscles are straining as you sprint across no-mans-land. You can hear the enemy squad shouting, and feel dirt kicked up at your heels as their rounds slam into the ground just behind you. Something breezes past your head, and all you can think is how close that one came. You make it behind cover and pop up to return fire. A dry click… you’re out of ammo.

What do you do? The other team is giving chase, and you’ve only got a minute, at best, before they come slewing around the corner.

You should have brought some spare paintballs. Because now all you can do is run.

The Secret to Carrying Extra Paintballs During a Match

When you step onto the field for a paintball match, you have dozens of options to consider. Do you cut a narrow enough profile, or is your jacket bulky enough to make you an easy target? Can you move easily, or do you feel awkward? And, perhaps most importantly, can you carry all of your necessary gear without any hassle? Because while you can theoretically just jam a spare tube of paintballs into your hip pocket, it’s not easy to reach when you’re trying to dodge, duck, and twist away from getting tagged while also trying to reload.

The solution, though, can be found by taking a look at soldiers in field gear. There are a lot of details to take in, from the camouflage to the body armor, to the weapons, but one of those details is crucial; the drop leg utility bag that sits on one, or both, thighs.

These bags act as a kind of platform that’s always within easy reach, and which is never cramped or squished by your posture. Whether you’re standing, crouching, kneeling, or laying, you can always reach this pouch with ease. Additionally, these bags hang down from a strap around the waist and are secured by an additional strap around the thigh. So you can run, roll, crawl, or move however you need to without the bag getting in the way, bouncing uncomfortably, or dragging you down because it’s carrying extra weight. With the zippers and Velcro that can hold them shut, you don’t even have to worry about stuff falling out of them.

One Size Fits All (But You Should Still See What You Prefer)

You can totally buy body harnesses and hip packs made specifically to carry paintball caddies and tubes of spare ammo onto the field with you. However, these accessories are (by and large) going to be more expensive than similar drop leg bags that are meant for daily use. And, since they’ll be shaped specifically for paintball accessories, they would be as useful for day-to-day wear when you’re out and about.

It’s important to remember that drop leg bags are meant to be one size fits all, and they can be adjusted to fit any individual wearer. However, you’ll still need to find something that fits your personal sense of style, that’s comfortable for you, and which you feel is just right for your play style when you’re out on the field. It can take a little trial and error before you find the accessories that work best for you when it comes time to start shooting. And, just as with any other fashion accessories, you’ll have to get used to wearing your ammo pouches, as well as drawing from them. But if you want to shave down your reload time on the field, then a little practice can go a long, long way.