Handheld Computers

Handheld Computer Cases: 5 Benefits of a Handheld Holster

The handheld computer has revolutionized several industries, and they’re becoming more and more common in settings you never would have expected to find them in. Whether it’s retail employees using them to check prices and take inventory, salespeople using them to walk clients through purchases, or even surveyors and construction workers using them to check measurements.

If you’re going to have these devices on-hand, then it pays to be sure they’re kept safe while you’re using them. Which is why it’s a good idea to make sure you have a proper holster for handheld devices. Why a holster? Well, because they offer a lot of benefits. Benefits like…

#1: Protection For Your Device

How many times have you put a handheld computer in your pocket, or in a messenger bag, only to find that something damaged it while you weren’t looking? Maybe your keys scratched the screen, or you dropped your bag unexpectedly and found you’d cracked your computer’s case.

Keeping it in a holster stops this from happening.

A holster is padded and shaped to hold your device snug and comfortable. The exterior absorbs impacts, and acts as a shield, ensuring your handheld computer lives as long as possible with as little incidental damage as you can manage.

#2: Hands-Free When You Need It

A handheld computer is a marvel of modern technology, but sometimes you need your hands for performing other tasks. This is where a holster truly shines, allowing you to slip your computer into its carrying case when you don’t need it, and then to slide it back out with one hand. Conveniently hanging from your belt, or strapped around your thigh OK Corral-style, these holsters make it easy to keep all your tools on-hand for when you need them most.

#3: Out of The Way

When you need to have a tool with you, it’s important to carry it in such a way that it doesn’t become a burden. That’s why carrying a handheld computer in a messenger bag, or a cross-body case can be such a pain. Particularly when you consider that these carrying methods often leave your handheld computer free to bang into corners or to get damaged when you turn too quickly. A solid holster not only keeps the device protected, but it ensures it’s kept in a place that it’s least likely to get accidentally damaged while you go about your job.

#4: Less Likely To Be Misplaced

Handheld computers get smaller and lighter every day. While you might think that such an expensive tool would be difficult to misplace, familiarity breeds contempt as the saying goes. However, when you’re used to a particular weight hanging off your belt or on your thigh, you’ll notice when it isn’t there. Especially if you get in the habit of always replacing your computer in the holster when you’re done with it, instead of setting it aside, putting it on the floor, etc. It may take some time to build the habit, but once it’s there, you’ll be glad you had your handheld computer case.

#5: Easily Adjusted

Employees come in all shapes and sizes, but fortunately, so do these carrying cases. The holster fits specified models of handheld computers, but the rigging can be adjusted to fit anyone who wears the holster. This means there’s no need to get one holster per employee; you just need to make sure you have enough for the shift, and that you can swap them out freely between different employees. This ensures that everyone has a case for when they’re on the job and that there’s always going to be enough to go around.