How to Equip Your Employees for Travel


You are the company travel manager, or at least the manager of employees who travel. You are planning a business trip for one or more team members, and you want to do it right. While you may have a handbook on travel policies for how to book plane tickets, hotels, and transportation: what about gear?

Employees often need to take company devices with them on the trip and you want to make sure that both your employee and their devices are as safe as possible. One of the best ways to do this is to build a business trip equipment list. Be sure to properly equip your employees for travel before they embark on their next adventure.

1) Company Laptop and Laptop Case

Company laptops are essential to many business travel plans. Your employee likely relies on their laptop to get work done wherever they find themselves. This includes working in the hotel room, hot-desking in the guest business office, or working on-site with clients in a distant location.

Of course, you never want to send a company laptop without a protective case – especially during travel. Include at least a foam sleeve, if not an entire padded laptop case with a shoulder strap. This is to ensure your employee and their laptop both travel safely.  

2) WiFi Hotspot With a 5G Plan

If you want your traveling employees to be able to connect from anywhere, don’t forget a WiFi hotspot. A hotspot makes it possible to connect to the internet using cellular data from any location that is not in an active dead zone. Choose a fast 5G plan to provide the best internet speed, performance, and security. Be sure to have your IT team upgrade security measures to keep your employee’s traveling WiFi network safe from opportunistic hackers.

3) Company Phone With Wallet/Phone Case

Many people also carry a company phone, complete with their company phone number and a secure set of apps that interface with company data. You can also load up a few helpful travel apps on the phone to assist with navigation and remote communication.

But how do you ensure that the company phone travels safely and makes it back without accidentally being left behind at dozens of possible points? One option is to provide your employee with a helpful wallet phone case and hip holster. This can keep all their essentials together through the airport and on-site journeys.

4) Company Backpack and Water Bottle

Another great gift for an employee taking a business trip (especially if they travel often) is a company backpack and a matching water bottle. Most companies invest in a certain amount of “swag” but a high-quality backpack is more than just a t-shirt. It’s something brand-emblazoned that your employee will gladly carry with them both through the business trip and likely, for many years and camping trips afterward. 

The addition of a filtration water bottle to go in the appropriate outer pocket also encourages healthy, well-hydrated travel. It will also be used for years inside and outside of work.

5)  Money Belt and Luggage Locks

To supply extra security for your traveling employee, offer them a money belt and a handful of small luggage locks. The money belt will help them keep their cash and most essential personal items safe while in an unfamiliar crowd. The luggage locks will keep their suitcases safe from unwanted rummaging both in the airport and tucked away in their hotel room.

6) Offsite Tablet and Tablet Holster Case

If you are sending a tablet with your traveling employee for streamlined on-site operations, make sure to send a tablet holster case as well. These shoulder-strap tablet cases make it possible to prevent 100% tablet-dropping risk, and add padding. Also it makes the tablet more accessibly handleable for your employees.

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