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The Many Benefits of a New Restaurant Server Apron

Server wearing a mask and a restaurant server apron while cleaning a table

Waiting tables is a tough job, especially if you don’t have quality equipment. Having a proper server apron or server pouch to keep things like straws, napkins, utensils, and things to take orders with is key for performing well, so how can someone be expected to provide excellent service if they just don’t have one? You owe it to your staff, your customers, and even yourself to have the best equipment possible, so it’s high time you switched over to e-Holster’s new restaurant server apron.

“So What’s So Good About This Server Apron?”

Your first thought when told about e-Holster and their unique new restaurant apron design is likely to be, “So what’s so good about it?” Well, to put it simply, just about everything. Anyone who has given one of these aprons a test drive will have no shortage of good things to tell you about how it functions out in the wild. That’s a bit vague, though, so it’s worth explaining the finer details of this great product with a little more care.


For starters, we should probably go over the simple visual appeal of these aprons. Setting itself apart from the standard and unimpressive white apron, e-Holster’s server apron is thick, rugged, and just looks good when in use. Dark in color and designed to look as efficient as it is, it provides a very business-like appearance to anyone who wears it, helped especially by the thick and sturdy strap and connections used to holster it to a server’s body whether it’s at the hip or over the shoulder. There’s also no unsightly sagging from a stuffed apron like you’d get from a cheaper equivalent.


This sturdiness is another major point in the apron’s favor. Most restaurant aprons are little more than a few pieces of cloth stitched together, but not e-Holster’s. These aprons are built to last, evident in their choice of materials being real ballistic nylon and industrial stitching. While this might seem overkill to an outsider, anyone who’s worked in the restaurant industry (and had to replace their worn-out old aprons far too frequently) can immediately appreciate this kind of innovation. No more tearing through the fabric the second a pen gets snagged on the inside of a pocket.

Ergonomic Design

Overall, the design is a major factor that sets this apron apart in more ways than one. In total, you have five pockets of varying sizes to work with on this apron, one of them even including Velcro closure for some added safety. Instead of just tossing things into the apron at random like the less expansive options might have you do, the wealth of space in the e-Holster apron allows you to actually keep things organized and easy to find, shortening the amount of time you spend digging around in front of customers and speeding up everyone’s days.

The top pocket is the real monkey maker (literally), however. It’s large enough to fit an entire iPad inside without problems, making it more than a match for any kind of custom PoS handheld device your staff might be carrying around the restaurant. It might even be a good excuse to upgrade your technology while you’re at it.

Get Your Server Apron Today!

There’s a lot more worth saying about these great little inventions, but the long and short of it is that any apron for waitresses and waiters should be able to do at least this much for you; anything else is just slowing you down. When the time comes to replace your old worn-out server aprons, we hope you’ll take the time to consider what you’ve learned here and try out some of e-Holster’s fantastic items.