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Top 3 Attributes to Look for in a Barcode Scanner Holster

Businesses with a need for their employees to use barcode scanners during their day-to-day duties also need to supply them with a safe way to carry them around. The last thing businesses want is for their expensive handheld barcode scanners to be misplaced or dropped on a regular basis, as this will interrupt workflows and ultimately decrease the bottom line. In an effort to help, let’s examine the top 3 attributes to look for in a barcode scanner holster.

1. Durability:

The main attribute to look for in a barcode scanner holster is durability. Barcode scanners are used in many different environments, all of which require various physical movements by the person scanning. For instance, they’re used in warehouses, on retail floors, shipping docks, and other inventory storage areas both indoors and outdoors.

The last thing managers want is to order a bunch of holsters that fall apart within a week from rugged use; this would defeat the purpose of protecting the barcode scanner in the first place and cause a loss of time, money, and effort for supply managers.

This is why durability is the most important attribute to look for in a barcode scanner holster. Specifically, make sure the holster is handmade with the highest quality materials. For instance, make sure the belt clip is solid and the material holding it won’t degrade – this and the elastic sides or seams are the first areas to commonly fall apart.

2. Functional Design:

The second most important attribute to look for is the functional design of the barcode scanner holster. It must be a snug fit without being so tight it can’t easily be removed. Look for the top area being open for easy use, as well as the belt clip being able to turn 360 degrees and detaching from the holster. Also, if a pen or stylus is needed, look for a holster with elastic side holders for them.

With workers bending down, getting in and out of vehicles and forklifts, and moving past different obstacles in their day-to-day work routines, businesses need holsters that can protect and secure their workers’ barcode scanners without interruptions. If the design isn’t functional, problems like these may occur:

    • barcode scanner keeps falling out
    • holster gets snagged on passing objects
    • holster keeps popping off when bending down or leaning
    • workers can’t remove scanners from holsters without pressing buttons and snagging

The holster’s design should also be rugged and protective on the outside while soft and padded on the inside. This functional design also includes the holsters ability to withstand variable temperatures and inclement weather without warping, shrinking, or deteriorating – e-Holster’s highly-durable ballistic nylon material on the outside of our holsters is perfect for this kind of rugged use.

Elastic sides and a rotating belt clip will allow for various movements, while the snug fit will keep the barcode scanner from falling out. This and the protective covering will help secure barcode scanners when they are inadvertently bumped or scuffed in the course of a workday routine.

3. Affordability:

The bottom line is always necessary to consider when supplying workers with equipment. Finding a good balance between durability, functional design, and affordability is the ideal scenario; yet, managers should prioritize quality over cost savings considering barcode scanners are expensive pieces of equipment, especially compared to barcode scanner holsters.

The good news is e-Holster’s barcode scanner holsters give businesses all three attributes along with a good selection to choose from. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a limited lifetime warranty on all our products, businesses can be sure they’re getting a quality product from a quality company.

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