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Out of Batteries? What to Do When Your Barcode Scanner Isn’t Charged


When you work daily with a barcode scanner, the charging station is an essential part of the routine. Every day, you pick it up from the charger and every break and evening, you set it back to charge back up. Depending on your scanner model and work schedule, your scanner may hit the charger once a day or several times a day to keep them topped up.

But what do you do when you pick up your scanner and it’s not charged? A barcode scanner out of batteries can be a disaster for your routine. It could even put your daily work at risk. Fortunately, you’re not out of solutions just yet. Here are a few ways you can solve an uncharged barcode scanner when you need to start scanning.

Sign Out a Charged Barcode Scanner

The first and best solution would simply be to take a scanner that did connect with the charger overnight. If your team has an extra scanner – or perhaps if a team member is not present that day – you may be able to use a charged scanner while your usual scanner recharges, now properly connected.

If you sign out scanners or your barcode scanners are assigned, be sure to check with the team supervisor before swapping scanners and sign for the scanner you take, if necessary.

Plug Into a Portable Pocket Battery

So maybe you have one assigned barcode scanner and your scanner was the one that didn’t charge. Do you have a pocket battery or portable charger? A portable charger is a power bank the size of a phone, small remote, or heavy credit card. The larger pocket batteries often have several types of connection. One may provide the right power port for your barcode scanner.

Simply slip the portable charger into your pocket or your phone holster and connect it to your barcode scanner. This way, you can charge up the scanner on the go, then put both the scanner and the portable battery charging from wall socket power during your next break.

Pushing the Power Cart

Some teams have a power cart with an internal battery that can charge scanners in motion. If you happen to have a charge cart, let everyone else take their scanners and roll plugged into the charge cart for the first hour or two of your shift. This should give your scanner enough juice to keep going until it can sit on the charger over lunch.

Work Alongside a Friend

If all else fails, use the buddy system. You can often get close to your usual workload done by working together with a coworker whose scanner properly charged overnight. Use a long belt tether and pass the scanner between you. You can also split the work so that they do all the scanning for shared and adjacent tasks.

Check Your Connection at the Next Barcode Scanner Recharge

If your scanner wasn’t properly charged this morning, there’s a chance there is a faulty cable, connection, or power port in the equation. Check your barcode scanner carefully the next time you plug it in to charge to make sure it will be fully powered the next time you return. 

If you do find a loose port or power lead, let the team know so you can work together to keep the one charger/scanner/cable working properly or replace the damaged parts.

When your barcode scanner is out of battery at the wrong moment, it could cause serious problems to your workflow. With these solutions or a spare charged scanner, you can get back into your routine with little to no delay. For more barcode scanner tips or the right holster to easily carry your barcode scanner, contact us today.