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5 Techniques to Make Your Order Fulfillment Team More Efficient


Order fulfillment is a highly involved part of warehouse management. Whether your team fills fifty orders a day or five hundred, the process of order fulfillment is deeply involving. Your entire team takes part in receiving, processing, picking, packaging, and shipping. Most of these jobs are physically taxing and the entire process requires quite a bit of product moving. Your pickers do the most movement. Some being expected to literally run from shelf to shelf collecting items for each order.

With the complex process of order fulfillment, warehouse managers and team leaders are often looking for ways to increase team efficiency without exhausting anyone or negatively affecting morale. So how can you work faster and smarter while making your team feel more energized and supported at the same time?

There are a few strategic and compassionate approaches to improve the performance of your order fulfillment team.

1) Warmup Exercises Before Shift

Many people arrive at work with sleepy eyes in a morning brain fog, which isn’t so great for work efficiency. So start by getting your team’s blood pumping before the shift starts. Invite anyone who wants to join in to do a few warmup exercises as a team. Depending on your team, the right approach might be yoga on the front lawn, calisthenics in the break room, or just blasting music while everyone does a few stretches and a little early morning rock-out.

Warmup exercises help every person boost their energy, get their blood pumping, and literally perform better at physical tasks. Muscles will be less stiff and eyes will be less groggy if every shift starts with a little more physical energy.

2) Scanner Holsters on Every Belt

Most people who work in a warehouse or inventory role carry a barcode scanner. Whether they work in the back or front of the house, it’s essential to be able to quickly checkboxes, contents, prices, and the intended storage location of something out of place. What isn’t essential is carrying around that scanner in hand all day. A scanner holster frees up both hands for your team. It ensures that the valuable scanners are never left behind somewhere from situations where both hands were needed.

3) The Right Shoes for the Job

Help your team wear the right shoes. We know shoes are a personal choice and everyone is free to wear their own close-toed shoes. But not everyone knows how to buy shoes they can comfortably stand and walk in all day. Share the knowledge of your team pros in how to find the right shoes consider a small new-employee shoe fund to ensure your newest recruits can get the right pair of shoes if they really need it.

4) Provide Water Stations and Personal Water Bottles

Hydration is key to the long-term health and the all-day energy of your warehouse team. When it comes to order fulfillment, movement is constant. Your pickers may be running from one end of the warehouse to the other (or splitting up the work by sections) and that takes a lot of personal hydration. Make sure there’s a water cooler or other filtered water dispenser with cups in a central location. Consider placing water stations throughout the warehouse for quick and easy rehydrating. Then also encourage your team to each carry a personal water bottle that they should empty and refill at least once (really twice to three times) per shift.

A hydrated team is a team that can most efficiently process calories into energy.

5) Make Sure Everyone Takes Rest Breaks

Finally, keep an eye on your team around break-time. Many people, especially the energetic work-enthusiasts who get into order fulfillment, may be included to skip breaks or keep working through lunch. Make sure your entire team takes the two fifteen minutes and their lunch break actually resting – seated and possibly with their feet up – to restore energy before the next push. Rest breaks are not only legally mandated, but they’re also helpful in reenergizing a team that grows tired during a day of hard work moving boxes.

Order fulfillment is one of the essential roles that makes ample use of a barcode scanner. For more helpful team insights or the holsters, your team needs for efficient scanner wielding, contact us today!