5 Reasons to Pack a Travel Money Belt for Necessary Travel

Woman wearing a travel money belt

There is no question, some things about the world have been permanently changed by the new COVID-era of safety and precaution. Travel is one of them. Most people are avoiding travel right now, but life goes on and some travel is necessary. If you find yourself needing to travel for work or personal reasons in the COVID-era, it’s best to be prepared. And a travel money belt will help.

Approach your travel like an action-movie mission. Your goal is to get from Point A to Point B without spreading or contracting any diseases. You’ll need to minimize your contact with others, which also means becoming as independent of a traveler as possible. A big part of that is keeping track of your essentials, and that’s where a travel money belt comes in. If you’ve never traveled with a money belt, you’ll enjoy this upgrade. For those traveling during the COVID-era, a money belt is the perfect way to ensure you’re ready to handle every upcoming challenge either solo or no-contact safe. Here’s why:

A Travel Money Belt Creates Cargo Pockets on Pocket-Free Pants

Pockets are essential for completing a risky mission safely. Your must-have essentials should be within quick reach, not mixed in with other things like your headphones and scarf in your carry-on. People who travel in cargo pants have the greatest advantage, but most of us don’t. The things we wear to travel are not always the most cargo-ready clothing. Many business styles don’t have real pockets, and neither do women’s clothing or airplane-comfortable pajama pants.

A travel money belt adds pockets when and where you need them most, sized perfectly for your essentials including phone, money, passport, chapstick, medication, tickets, and IDs. Now, you also need a pocket for your COVID PPE.

Pack COVID Safety Essentials

  • Flat & Folded Cloth Mask
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Balled Nylon Gloves
  • Plastic Bags
  • Mini-Misting Disinfectant

PPE stands for Personal Protection Equipment. In other words: your safety essentials. Money belts can hold a lot more than money. You can (and should!) pack one flat, folded cloth mask as an emergency backup. Maybe two with one to share/spare. 

You should also include a tiny bottle of hand sanitizer to wash your hands or any surfaces in an emergency. A pair of nylon gloves and a few balled plastic bags can allow you to handle situations that might otherwise be dangerous. Finally, for the truly prepared, a mini misting-spray bottle of disinfectant can clear the air after someone coughs or sneezes.

Each of these is so small that they can fit neatly inside a travel money belt along with your IDs and other small essentials.

Pick-Pockets Still Exist

It’s also important to remember that while there are fewer travelers, you won’t be all alone. There are still crooks and opportunists, and those who prey on tourists are particularly desperate right now. A money belt is significantly more difficult to pick than your open-topped pockets. Keep the compartments zipped and, for long walks, lock the zippers to the band with a small padlock for added safe

A travel money belt is also better at holding on to your essentials when you are in action. The last thing you want in COVID-era travel is to realize that something is lost and have to back-track for it. You’re looking to minimize travel time, not wander around in public areas. A money belt zips and locks closed so that there’s no risk of your phone or essential small items leaping from your pockets at an inopportune time. 

Never lose your phone in the toilet or drop your tickets “along the way” ever again.

Emergency Numbers and Information Can Be Stored in Your Travel Money Belt

Finally, we’d like to mention that emergency information is doubly important now that the risks of travel are higher. If something happens when you travel, COVID-related or otherwise, there are things your medical caretakers might need to know. Where you’ve been (your travel path) and contact with your current household might all be essential to your wellbeing and informed containment of travel-related outbreaks. 

With your travel money belt, you can keep careful notes just-in-case emergency information is needed while you travel. Remember, it’s not always possible to check your phone. Write a paper emergency contact card and laminate it with packing tape to travel with.

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