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How to Keep Your Holster Belt Balanced


Many people wear a holstered scanner at work. It’s not uncommon to carry a barcode scanner, a label reader, or a handheld computer on the job. Most of the time your goal is to keep the equipment on your person at all times. The natural solution is a scanner holster belt. But what do you do when that heavy scanner starts pulling on just one side of your belt? In addition to lopsided pants, an uneven belt weight can be surprisingly uncomfortable. One holstered scanner can form a bruise or throw off hip balance while walking when worn all day, many days in the year.

So what can you do about an imbalanced holster belt? Whether you are an employer solving this problem for your team or an independent scanner-wielding professional, we have a few creative and useful solutions that are easy to try.

Holster Your Phone on the Opposite Side

The most common solution is to get a second holster on the other side of the belt, this one for your phone. A phone holster simply transfers your phone from your pocket to your belt, while providing a counter-balance to the original holster. If your phone isn’t heavy enough on its own, try a phone-wallet holster where both your billfold and your phone share a holster belt. This should feel nice and secure, popping off your hip opposite the scanner holster every day. Not to mention keeping your essentials close by and on-hand.

Hook Your Keys to Balance Your Holster Belt

If you have a heavy set of keys and keychains, now is the time to let them shine. If your holster is throwing you off hang your keys on the opposite belt loop. Heavy keys, even hooked very close to the belt, make a great ballast if you need to even out the weight of your belt. Your keys are useful to have at hand, – especially for inventory jobs – and your keychains are a conversation starter with customers or in the break room. If your keychain isn’t big enough to use as ballast, pick up a few extra keychains to build your keys even bigger. Or try another method.

Wear Two Scanners Like a Cowboy

If you’re the big hombre on your floor, consider going double-holster with two scanners – one on each side. Pull them like six-shooters, scan a ring of boxes around you, and blow the smoke off before re-holstering to the laughter of your colleagues come break time. Or just use a second holster to balance the first. Anyone who wields two devices can holster them opposite to balance the belt. You can also use a spare scanner or even an empty weighted holster to do the job. With or without stetson. 

Load Up Your Belt with Other Holsters

Try adding other holsters and holstered items to your belt if you are having a hard time finding a balanced style. Additional holsters can weigh your belt down all the way around instead of just on one side. You can also challenge yourself to find things useful to have holstered with you on the job while stocking your holster balancing act.

Turn It Into a Tool Belt

Or, if you do a lot of manual work on the job, switch to a tool belt. Hang loops and pouches from your holstered scanner belt and add any tools you use regularly. Carry a holstered power drill or a cable crimper on a loop, depending on what you do with your hands on the job.

Ready to stop feeling lop-sided when you carry your scanner? Check out our many holsters to find the right balance for your workflow.