Barcode Scanners

Barcode Scanner Holsters: Why You Should Have Them For Your Business

We’ve all had one of those moments while we’ve been out shopping. You’re in the back aisle of a store, and you’ve found the perfect item for this trip, but you can’t find the price on it. You’ve turned it over a dozen times, but all you’ve found is a barcode that doesn’t give you any information at a glance. You’re about to put it back rather than face the long walk up to the register to get the details when someone rounds the corner. They can tell at a glance the problem you’re dealing with, and they slide their scanner right out of their holster. A single press of the trigger and you know exactly what you’re looking at, and what it costs. A minor crisis averted, the retail gunslinger slips their scanner back into its barcode scanner holster and sets off down the aisle in search of others who need their help.

The Proper Carry, For The Proper Tool: A Barcode Scanner Holster

There is no doubt that portable barcode scanners are one of the most useful tools in the retail industry. Whether you’re taking inventory, or coming to the aid of customers as in the above example, the ability to instantly call up all the data about any given item someone might want to buy is extremely useful. However, with that said, these portable scanners are fairly delicate instruments. Even the ones marketed with terms like “rugged” attached to them won’t be able to survive too many drops before they no longer do the job you need them to.

That’s why you should make sure everyone who is going to carry one of these scanners has their own barcode scanner holster.

While it might look like something out of Star Trek (given that no one on the ship ever seemed to have pockets), there is no denying that these holsters get the job done. They hang comfortably on the belt, and they keep your scanner out of harm’s way until you need it. They also offer a padded covering to keep it safe from accidental bumps and jostles while you’re attending to other duties. But when you do need your scanner, all you have to do is slip it right into your hand. It’s a smooth draw that, with barely any practice at all, will feel like second nature to you.

Most importantly, though, these holsters will protect the investment in your equipment. They prevent a large number of accidents simply by being used, and throughout a given holster’s lifetime they will save a scanner from countless close calls with harm. This will help you get the most out of a scanner before you eventually have to replace it.

A Little Investment Goes A Long Way

When you make an investment in your business, it only makes sense to go the extra mile to protect it. If you get new tiles, then you buff and clean them to ensure they last as long as possible. If you have a company vehicle, then you make sure you follow the recommended maintenance schedule so you can keep it on the road as long as you can. The same is true for A a portable barcode scanner holster.

Each of these little gadgets is an investment that your business made. Each one is a tool you use to do your job quicker, and more efficiently. Even if they aren’t budget breaking on their own, as a whole, they represent a big investment. As such, it’s important that you take steps to protect that investment, while giving your employees the resources they need to use these tools to the best of their capabilities.