How to Keep Your Warehouse Team Cool in the Summer Heat


Warehouse, inventory, supply chain, and logistics: whatever you call your team. The fact is that you work in large storage and cargo area that likely has an open loading dock. Warehouse and inventory teams are often more exposed to the elements and more subject to the seasonal temperatures than office workers sealed into air-conditioned spaces. While you may enjoy the occasional fresh breeze, this can become a risk during the weather extremes at either end of the year.

In the summer, hard-working warehouse and logistics professionals are at an increased risk of overheating. A combination of high temperatures and physical labor could be dangerous for anyone. This is why warehouse managers and team leaders often work hard to secure ways to stay cool.

Strategic Placement of Shop Fans

There’s no question that air movement is the number one way to make a hot space feel cool. The right large, powerful shop fan placed in corners and down hallways can keep everyone breezy and help your team’s natural heat dissipation do its job. Warehouse spaces often mount shop fans in the upper corners of the room, pointing down, and may mount upper fans on high shelves where fans can be bolted on.

DIY Misting at Corners and Sunny Doorways

If you’ve ever been to a theme park with misting, you know that a slight spritz of cool mist can feel like a life-saver in the heat. A misting fan is a fan with a reservoir and a spray nozzle that puts droplets of cool water into the airflow. Misting can help each of your warehouse workers stay cooler and feel a breath of refreshing coolth each time they pass one of the misting locations.

Misting fans are also easy to set up and just need a reservoir refill every now and then.

Look for Lightweight & Breathable Safety Gear

If your team has to wear layers of safety gear, look for summer alternatives. Consider shirts or harnesses with reflective straps instead of a full reflective vest. Look for belts and barcode scanner holsters that allow the most breathability when your team gears up for safe, well-equipped work in the stacks.

Shade the Loading Dock With an Awning

Give your team more shade where the sun shines brightest and hottest. In many cases, it is possible to add a fabric awning to your loading dock. High enough to welcome backed-up trucks, and far enough out to keep the heaviest labor out of the direct sunlight.

Scheduled Breaks in Air Conditioning

Keep an eye on your team for signs of heatstroke or sun exposure. Make sure that no one overheats or goes too long without drinking water. One of the best ways to help regulate summer overheating is to make sure each person catches a few minutes in the air conditioning at regular intervals. A chance to fully cool down with water and perhaps some paperwork, packaging, or seated sorting task. These can be essential to keeping everyone at the top of their game when working in the hot warehouse.

Fresh Shirts and Hidden Laundry Machines

As a final trick, try keeping a pair of laundry machines and a supply of spare work shirts. Offer your team a chance to freshen up if their previous shirt has become too sweaty for all-day comfort. If you have to face the heat, let your team do so in clean shirts. This simple, humanizing refresh can really bring morale back to a heat-withered and sweat-soaked logistics team.

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