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What Equipment Do You Need to Be a Delivery Driver?


Becoming a delivery driver is a popular choice for both freelance and full-time employment. With the economic shift toward online shopping and no-contact deliveries, the market is booming with open positions for new drivers. Business owners are expanding to build their own delivery teams outside of third-party fleets. Many young professionals are also taking up driving as their first earning job.

Whether you are delivering meals or packages, however, a delivery driver needs a certain kit of equipment. As a mobile professional, your personal items need to stay on your persona and you may need them at a customer’s door at any moment. If you’re thinking about becoming a delivery driver or hiring a fleet of drivers, here is the equipment it takes to thrive in the day-to-day routine of a modern delivery driver:  

1. Belt and Barcode Scanner

First, you’ll need your scanner. Package delivery personnel are the most likely to be issued a handheld scanner that will need a belt and holster to be worn at all times. A scanner holster clips or slides right onto your belt so it’s easy to carry, but you will need to get used to driving and walking around with it. The scanner is used to scan packages into your navigation system and then to scan the package again to register it as delivered on the customer’s porch.

2. Mobile Phone and Holster

You will also likely need your mobile phone to interface with the delivery app and potentially to text and call with customers. The phone is essential for customers who are hard to find. Delivery routes are full of customers who have door numbers obscured or who can’t be reached through an apartment or condo lobby. Many delivery jobs also interface primarily through a mobile phone app, so you’ll need a deep pocket or a phone holster on your belt.

3. Pen, Cards, and Tape in a Pocket

Sometimes delivery is missed. The person might not be home for a sign-only delivery or there might be a problem with their order. When this happens, you leave a note. Keep a stack of cards (regulation or blank) and a pen handy along with a roll of easy-pull scotch tape. This lets you leave a friendly or informative note for your customers, from “missed delivery, call X number” to “your dog is friendly”.

4. Masks and Gloves

With Delta variant and rolling lockdowns, you will likely need to keep your mask and gloves on, at least when handling packages or approaching client homes. For this, keep a dispenser of disposable gloves and a trash bag in the car for quick change-outs. We recommend taking a few cloth masks to work each day and switching them out as they get moist. Then launder a stack of masks each night at home or at company HQ.

5. Food Warmer Bag

If you deliver meals, you will likely need a food warmer bag to ensure those meals make it to the customers hot. Choose a bag that slings comfortably over your shoulder and makes it easy to keep large flat boxes of food and tanks of soup upright. Pro delivery drivers also recommend a trunk divider that allows you to separate customer orders and keep multiple bags organized.

6. Hand Truck or Dolly

If you deliver packages, you may need heavy work gloves and a hand truck to handle some of the larger packages. Don’t be afraid to use this equipment when necessary to save yourself from injury. Heavy packages can be dangerous when handled alone, even just a few feet from the car to the porch.

7. Locked Cash Box

If you take cash or make a change, or even accept tips, be sure to keep a locked cash box in your vehicle. Never personally walk around with more than one or two tips in your pockets and help yourself keep your hard-earned money secure.

8. Packet of Dog Treats

Lastly, a packet of dog treats can really help if you wind up tussling with neighborhood and at-home dogs. We like to keep a separate holster full of little dog-bone biscuits to make sure we start on the right foot with every dog we meet. This can really reduce aggression and make deliveries easier – and safer.

Are you about to start working as a delivery driver or managing a fleet of delivery drivers? Be sure to plan ahead for the real-world conditions of the route with all the equipment you need. Count on E-Holster for the scanner, phone, and wallet holsters that will make your delivery gear complete.