Handheld Computers, Holsters, server apron

Equipping Your Curbside Pickup Team


There’s no doubt that the curbside pickup system has taken today’s retail world by storm. Combined with mobile app orders and social distancing becoming a habit, curbside is a fast, practical way for locals to get their orders without spending a half-hour browsing the aisles. What does a business need to implement curbside pickup and draw in more on-the-go customers? First, you need to equip your curbside pickup team to successfully identify and deliver orders to your drive-up customers.  

Let’s dive into the equipment every curbside pickup team needs.

Tablets or Handheld Computers

First, your curbside team probably needs tech. Most curbside pickups are the completion of online and mobile orders. Your team will need a way to track those orders confirm the right person is picking up, and retrieve orders for curbside customers.

Tablets are a popular solution and can be bought in a set for your entire on-shift curbside teams. If you use tablets, be sure to get heavy-duty rubber covers to keep them safe under daily outdoor working conditions. Handheld computers are an alternative that can be easily holstered on a belt by your team when they are taking and managing orders.

Payment Card Readers

Curbside teams always benefit from portable card readers. While you can have your team take cards to a Point of Sale device and bring them back, purchases are much faster (and more comfortable for customers) when their card is scanned and returned right at the window. Payment card readers can also be holstered or docked in a server apron.

Multi-Pocketed Service Apron or Satchel

This brings us to the apron or satchel. Every curbside team member should have a way to easily carry everything they need when moving between the venue and customer cars. They can use a larger pocket to order notebooks or to secure a tablet. They can also use smaller pocket for both ink and touch-screen pens clipped together. A server apron or similar shoulder-slung pocketed satchel can provide your curbside team with a place to keep change and handle cash payments quickly. Even a pocket for thank-you extras offered to curbside customers before they go.

Shade and Seating

If your team is outdoors watching for new curbside drive-ups or service cars constantly, get them some shade. Setting up an awning or tent is easy for most brands and you can buy a branded tent to increase the ambiance of summer curbside service. Set up plastic chairs or barstools in the shade and set a cooler of water bottles under the banner-covered table to keep your team cool, fresh, and well-hydrated as they serve your curbside customers.

Trays, Baskets, or Carts

How big are the orders being delivered to each car? Your team may need some kind of tray, basket, or cart to quickly complete order deliveries. Large orders may require a palette and access to the back of the customer’s car, while very small orders can be passed through the driver’s window. Consider the most efficient and attractive way to facilitate the delivery of larger orders to your curbside customers.

Good Sneakers

Last but not least, make sure your curbside team is wearing the right shoes. When they are running to and from cars and dealing with parking lot safety, you want everyone in sturdy, springy, close-toed sneakers.

Perfecting Your Curbside Service With the Right Equipment

Here at e-Holster, we can help you hone your curbside equipment list with server apron-satchels and personal computer holsters. If your curbside team needs a lot of pockets to handle cash, credit, and virtual orders on the fly, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today to build a custom order of server aprons and holsters for your curbside team.