magnetic wristbands

Magnetic Wristbands Are the Project Accessory You Didn’t Know You Needed


At e-Hostler, we pride ourselves on creating innovative products that make work and life more manageable. This is why we are excited to share our new magnetic wristbands. This innovative product will make life easier around the house and on the job site for many tasks. Here is everything you need to know about your next favorite tool accessory. 

How Does It Work?


Our magnetic wristbands work so well because they are built to tackle any situation. The inside is layered with a soft mesh, making it comfortable to wear all day. The outside is made of ballistic nylon, so it can take anything the job site has to throw at it. Built into the band are 15 magnets that can hold anything from the tiniest of nails to large lag bolts. In addition, pockets are sewn to hold non-metal objects like anchors and wire connectors. 


This product is designed to be so easy to put on that you can do it one-handed. The velcro strap makes it perfect to fit any sized wrist, and you can make it as snug or loose as you want. Not only it is comfortable and convenient to wear on your wrist, but it can also be strapped onto your belt if that is a better fit. 

What Are the Benefits?

Never Lose Materials

One of the most annoying parts about working on any project is when you are on top of a ladder and drop the one screw you need to the ground. Our magnetic wristband ensures you won’t ever drop or misplace materials while working on a project. It is estimated that construction companies lose hundreds to thousands of dollars annually from employees who waste work time searching for missing materials. 

Safer and More Ergonomic

Keeping all of your materials in one place that is easy to reach makes for a safer work environment for you and anyone else around you. It’s also easier on your body not to reach everywhere to grab materials or crawl up and down a ladder whenever you need more materials. Ladder injuries are a significant cause for concern on the job, so reducing the number of times you have to climb up and down will minimize the injury potential. 

Frees Up Your Hands

A magnetic wristband frees up your hands to do other essential tasks, which is a massive benefit on the job site or for the weekend DIYer. For example, anyone who has ever taken on a project knows how annoying it is to try to balance everything you need while holding a power drill. With the magnetic wristband, you can easily hold a drill or hammer in one hand and grab whatever you need off the opposite wrist at the same time. 

Saves Time

A quick project can turn into a day or more when you have to keep climbing down and up a ladder every time you need a few more screws and anchors. However, having everything you need at your fingertips cuts down on wasted transit time and allows you to get the job done faster and move on to the next.

One of Those Things

A magnetic wristband is one of those things that you didn’t realize you needed until you have it. There are so many benefits that you’ll probably find a few that we haven’t even thought of yet. Whether you are a DIY expert or a professional looking for a way to be more productive, you will love the convenience of our magnetic wristbands. Be sure to check out our phone and tablet holsters to make life on the job even easier.