Planning Seasonal Changes in Equipment


Planning the right equipment for your team is every employer’s responsibility. Being a good manager means making sure your team is safe and comfortable while doing their daily routines. The more physical these tasks are, the more important good equipment and gear become. You want your team to wear the right shoes and protective gear for the job. You want them to carry the best handheld computers with the most effective holsters.  But you also want them comfortable and safe considering the weather. When it’s hot, a heavy jacket can be dangerous even though it is also protective. In the winter, keeping gear on a chest harness under a jacket may not be functional.

It’s important to plan your employees’ equipment based on the season. Major seasonal temperature changes and any weather that might play a role must be taken into account. How can you plan seasonal changes in equipment? Consider the conditions in which your team performs their tasks and what it will take to be both comfortable and safe in those conditions.  

Summer Equipment Design

In the summer, temperatures spike. Even indoors, physical labor can cause overheating all too easily. It’s important to plan gear and equipment that is breathable.  Belts and holsters are preferable to vets and jackets when heat is an issue. Consider equipment that is both sturdy and cooling.  

Belt and Holsters

Belts and holsters are great in the summer because they take up very little space on the body. A utility belt makes it possible to holster a barcode scanner, tape measure, a walkie-talkie, or a wallet and phone easily without increasing personal heat. Scanner holsters are essential in many jobs.

Work Gloves

Work gloves should be sturdy and safe for the work at hand Light, breathable work gloves with rubber textured palms keep hands safe without the heavy clunkiness of insulated gloves or the risk of overheating.

Breathable Safety Hats

Safety hats can easily be too heavy for summer. An insulated hat or simply one that does not breathe can cause summer overheating even as they protect chairs from the sun. You’ll want mesh or fitted hats that allow for airflow through the critical space T the top of the head.

Cross Body Harnesses

If more hoster space is needed, shoulder holsters and cross-body straps, and harnesses can be helpful. This gives more space to slide-on clips and holsters without stacking on insulation. Just be sure to combine a harness with a breathable shirt that can be safely secured to the body.

Winter Equipment Design

In the winter, cold weather and the risk of icy slips should guide your equipment and gear choices to warmer pieces. Traction is necessary, and so is insulation to keep your team warm any time they must go into a cooler or outdoors into cold weather.

Vests and Jackets

When deciding where to holster the barcode scanner in the winter, consider a warm vest with utility loops or a jacket with tucked pockets instead of just a belt or body-crossing harness.

Insulated Work Gloves

Work gloves in the winter should be insulated; lined with a warming and moisture-wicking fabric to keep hands warm, dry, and safe when working in icy conditions.

Padded Safety Hats or Layered Hats

Safety hats and caps in the winter should be of a warmer variety as well. Solid panels, padded lining, or layering with a skullcap will keep your worker’s heads warm when they have to work outside or in the coolers.

Here at e-holster, we know how important the right equipment loadout is for your team. Contact us today to find exactly the right holster, belt, and harness options for every task and season.