Handheld Computers

The 5 Benefits of Technicians Carrying Handheld Computer Cases

In jobs that require handheld computers, there is often a certain level of real-world complexity involved. Warehouse management and product organization often require handheld computers. Field service technicians who need to take readings and stay in touch with HQ also trend toward using handheld computers. Certain inspectors may need handheld computers to perform in-depth inspections at client or plant locations. All of these professionals have one thing in common: the need to actually carry handheld computer cases. 

But what if they didn’t? If your team uses handheld computers, think for a moment about what could be accomplished if they did not have to fish those computers out of a bag or carry them around actively in-hand to do their jobs. That is what handheld computer cases are for, to provide both convenient access and guaranteed carrying while on the job.

Let’s take a look at five of the biggest benefits of handheld computer cases to the technicians who are most likely to use them.

1) Both Hands are Free to Work

The first undeniable benefit is that technicians who must usually hand-carry their handheld computers can finally walk around and interact with job sites with both hands free. Only when they need to take a reading or make a note will your technicians need to directly interact or actively carry their handheld computers. Otherwise, the right equipment case can keep the small portable computers safe and secured to the body of your technician without risk of banging around, getting dropped, or getting lost.

2) Handheld Computer Cases Prevent Damage from Worksite Hazards

Speaking of hazards, the other biggest problem with carrying around valuable handheld computers to client locations and job sites is that they can get damaged. Handheld computers are unfortunately lost or damaged quite often, even to the point of your company needs to order a new one because of a single technician’s carelessness.

With the right handheld computer case, this kind of worry will become a thing of the past. All the classic worries of a Jobsite will already be taken care of. Inside the case, it is much more difficult for a bump or a minor fall to cause any real damage to the computer itself. This way,  your technicians will be free to get their hands dirty, so to speak, without worrying about the delicate equipment holstered to their belts.

3) Prevent Damage from Drops and Slips

Of course, even the most careful technician can sometimes experience an unplanned drop or slip of the handheld computer. While the last thing you want is for this valuable equipment to hit the ground, it’s even worse when an employee is genuinely mortified at damaging something they rely on every day to do their job.

You can neatly avoid this type of tragedy simply by encasing your handheld computers so they don’t have a chance to fall get fatally bumped. When your handheld computers are encased in cloth, leather, and plastic in alternating protective layers, they are far safer in all real-world circumstances.

4) Eliminate the Chance of Lost Devices

Handheld computer cases have another, often overlooked, benefit to technicians and companies alike: They can make it impossible to accidentally leave a handheld computer somewhere it shouldn’t be. Devices held by hand can be lost by accident when a technician needs both hands for something and forgets to pick up the computer again. But a device strapped to the body is so much harder to forget because it comes right along, hands or no.

5) Technicians Use Handheld Computers with Greater Confidence

Lastly, your team will be able to use their valuable handheld computers with greater confidence because they will know there is a far lowered chance that they could accidentally responsible for the device’s destruction. Handheld computers are incredibly important to the team and company, and your technicians deserve to use them to their full extent. With a protective case ensuring these devices cannot be lost, damaged, or stolen because it is padded and shelled and strapped to the bodies of the technicians who need these devices to be as reliable as possible.

For more information about how to find the right handheld computer cases to suit the needs of your business, devices, and technicians please contact us today! We’re ready to help you choose the right case or holster for the job every time.