4 Tricks to Smoothly Handle Changes in Uniform


Your work uniform is part of the equipment available to you on the job. In some roles, every belt-loop and pocket matters. Well-designed uniforms have just the right number and size of pockets for everything you need – or a belt and holsters designed for the job. But not every uniform is perfectly designed for the task. In fact, fashion-forward uniforms often lack the pockets and personal storage needed even for a simple cellphone and ID. For those who use personal equipment like handheld computers and hand-tools regularly, pockets or good belt-loops are a must.

Most of us figure out our pocket and belt-holster game early in the job, aligning our strategy with the uniform wardrobe. So how do you tackle a new uniform – either from a new job or internal company changes? What happens if you lose your pockets, or the new pockets don’t work for you? For handy equipment pros, there are a few quick and easy answers to staying well-equipped through uniform changes.

Plan Your Necessities Separate From Your Uniform

Take stock of what you need to carry. Phone, keys, scanner, wallet, hand -tools; anything you use on the job and need on your person can be laid out on the table. Consider how you can carry these items without relying on your uniform – or align your plans with the pockets of your new uniform design. If you work in chilly outdoor or indoor conditions and often wear a coat, your coat pockets are part of the inventory. By considering your on-person items separately from the uniform, you can make better plans for how to carry everything you need.

Prepare for New Equipment and Holsters

If your job or role just changed, don’t forget that you might also be working with new equipment. You may now have a handheld computer and its holster will need a place on your belt or clipped in your jacket. You may want to get familiar with carrying and wielding any new equipment as you also prepare to adapt to the new uniform and pocket-or-holster scenario.

If you don’t have the new device or tools in hand yet, consider working with just the holsters to help you perfect your uniform and belt cargo design.

Minimize Your Need for Pockets

If your new uniform has fewer or smaller pockets, consider how you can “downsize” your current personal gear. You may not need to carry a full billfold, just a small clip for your primary cards. You may not need your phone if you’re on a walkie with your team members throughout the day. Spare change, keychains, and other things we get used to carrying may be OK to clip from your cargo while you get used to the new uniform.

Build the Ultimate Utility Belt

Consider how to carry everything even if your pockets aren’t sufficient. Belt holsters are a great way to carry barcode scanners, handheld computers, and your phone/wallet clip at the same time without cluttering your pockets or challenging your work uniform beyond its limits. 

Building a great utility belt is all about access and balance. You need your belt clips mounted where your hands can reach, but also balanced so that your center of gravity is the same when you walk. If you have one heavy barcode scanner, for example, holstering your phone on the opposite hip can make walking easier because you’ll balance out the belt.

Here at e-Holster, we can help you build the perfect utility belt for work – no matter where your uniform sews the pockets.  Contact us or check out our online store for the personal cargo equipment you need to stay effective and well-equipped on the job.