How to Choose the Right Barcode Scanner Holster for Your Team

Every day, millions of professionals head out onto the workplace floor with barcode scanners in-hand. Most of these millions work in either retail or inventory, but there are barcode scanner wielders in the back rooms of every industry. Barcodes are an essential part of many workflows, whether you are placing inventory for customers or internal company inventory. It’s often necessary to swipe a barcode, check the information, and then continue with a variety of other tasks. And with barcode scanners comes the need for a barcode scanner holster.

Ultimately, a barcode scanner holster is necessary. From taking notes on tablets to helping customers choose an item, your team can’t always have their scanners in-hand. But how do you choose the right barcode scanner holster for your team? We’re about to highlight the most important aspects of a scanner holder and how you can make the best possible choice for hands-free scanner carrying.

Your Barcode Scanner Model and Size

The first and most important consideration is the barcode scanner itself. While you can say a lot for style and design, ultimately your scanner holster just needs to hold that scanner in place at about waist-height without a hand to support it. That means you’ll need a holster of the right size and shape to match your team’s barcode scanner model.

Check out your barcode scanner and get the brand and model. Most holster venders like us will help you match your scanner model to the right variety of holsters. If you’re not sure, grab a tape measure and match the dimensions directly. This can be done with a ruler, flexible tape measure, or extending tape measure depending on how precise you want to be. Then make sure the scanner holster is both big enough and the correct shape to dock your scanners.

Belt Loop or Clip Connection

Now let’s talk about the belt loop. A holster traditionally rides on a utility belt, and a barcode scanner holster is especially well-known as a hip-mounted item. But how does your barcode scanner holster actually connect to the belt?

A belt-clip can hold tightly and look classy, but it’s also directional and can potentially fall off if upward pressure is applied as your employees move around during the day. A belt loop is traditionally a little weaker (not metal-reinforced) but can’t slip off if pushed upward. There is also a variety of other clip-types available, each worth considering on their own merit when making your choice.

Tethering and Fastening Features of a Barcode Scanner Holster

Another consideration is how the scanner is secured in the holster. Many holsters are open-top and the scanner sits comfortably in the space created. This design works well for any team that spends most of its time standing and walking. But if climbing, reaching, or the occasional child-wrangling are involved, an open-top closure might not be enough.

Many holsters sport a fold-and-snap panel that locks your scanner into place while still only being a quick gesture away. You should also look for holsters that include a tether or a loop for a tether. This can prevent scanners from falling to the ground or getting left-behind or mixed up on the job.

Feels Right on the Job

Lastly, your scanner holsters should feel right to use. Consider trying one out first and asking an active team member to wear it for the day. Ask them if the scanner sits comfortably, if the holster rides securely, and if the experience was a greater convenience. By working with holster experts like e-holster and listening to your team, you’ll have the right barcode scanner holsters pronto. Contact us for more tips about keeping your business devices at-hand without being in-hand. Buy your barcode scanner holster today!