server apron

Make Serving Easier With the e-Holster Server Apron


Help your servers stay organized and do their work more efficiently with the e-Holster utility belt organizer. This large restaurant server apron is designed to provide plenty of space for storage of work items while being comfortable to wear. Combining the best features of a shoulder bag and apron, the e-Holster server apron is fully adjustable. It also allows servers to wear it in several different ways. 

Five Pockets for a Variety of Storage Needs

The e-Holster restaurant apron has room for everything a server may need with five pockets of different sizes. The large open-top server pouch is 8.5 inches wide and 8 inches long. This pocket has enough room to fit a Samsung Galaxy Tablet, iPad Mini, or a POS system. Smaller server books, phones, and other work items will fit easily in the medium open-top pocket, which measures 6 inches wide and 6.5 inches long. Two smaller open-top pockets, measuring 2 inches wide, are perfect for organizing tall thin items, such as straws or pens. A server can also keep their cash on hand for making change and storing tips with the closed-top pocket. This pocket keeps items secure but easily accessible with a Velcro flap.

Versatile and Comfortable to Wear

The e-Holster server apron comes with an adjustable shoulder strap. This heavy-duty nylon strap is 1.5 inches wide and can extend from 27 inches to 48 inches long, making it usable for servers of any size. There is a soft rubber shoulder pad that prevents the strap from slipping off while also making it more comfortable to wear, even for longer shifts. The strap is secured with clips, so it can be removed quickly and easily as desired.

This restaurant apron can also be worn around the waist. Constructed of the same heavy-duty nylon, the waist strap expands from 31 inches to 50 inches and has a quick-release clip. There is an additional Velcro closure flap that the server can use to store the waist strap when it is not in use. 

Designed to Withstand Heavy Use

The e-Holster restaurant apron and its straps are constructed with ballistic nylon for extra durability, so even the busiest restaurant server can expect it to last. The seams are sewn with industrial stitching that can withstand the rigors of the job without tearing. A server can fill the pouches with everything they need to perform their job while being confident that the apron will remain fully intact.


Servers can tend to restaurant patrons attentively and quickly by keeping everything within easy reach with this product. The multiple pockets keep things organized so you can find them immediately. They also provide a secure place for the storage of more expensive items. This reduces the likelihood of electronics or cash being misplaced while leaving the server’s hands-free to carry other items or perform necessary tasks. The apron also reduces the amount of time and walking necessary to tend to customers by storing items needed for service right at hip level. Lastly, the multiple options for wearing this restaurant apron, along with the adjustable straps, ensure that the server remains comfortable while working and reduce arm and shoulder fatigue.  

The e-Holster restaurant server apron is a great tool for servers. Designed with restaurant work in mind, it allows them to perform their duties efficiently while staying organized. We are so sure that restaurants and servers will love it that we offer a no-questions-asked refund policy if it does not meet expectations. E-Holster products are made for durability and convenience. For more information about the e-Holster server apron or other items in our unique line of holsters and cases, contact us.