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Jingling Belts or Pockets? 5 Clever Solutions to Stop These Noises


Jingling is a risk we all take when we carry more than one key, a handful of change, or a pocketful of small metal hardware. Many of us jingle accidentally or without realizing it. Some enjoy the sound of the clink and jangle of metal with every step, but many people do not. If your lifestyle or, more commonly these days, your work equipment has you jingling when you walk and you want to quiet the cacophony, you’re in luck. We’ve been where you are and have collected more than a few clever solutions to soften the musical sound of small metal objects hitting each other with every step.  

Use a Coin-Purse or Small Cloth Bag for Change

Coin purses were designed to pack coins so tightly together that they cannot jingle. Remember the sturdy plastic pucker coin purses of the 90s, handed out with every pack of branded swag? If you still have one around, these are still great (if a little strange) tools for holding coins in a way that won’t escape or jingle, and fits neatly into a pocket or toolbelt.

A coin purse can do the trick if you still need coins for your job or that one snack machine that still takes quarters. If you don’t still have a coin purse, try one of those small cloth/velvet bags that come with most small shipped items today. That little ‘luxury item’ baggy we all throw away actually makes a great muffler for coins, screws, you name it. This trick also works for jingly car change.

Drop Your Keys in a Padded Holster

The most convenient place to keep work keys is on your belt, but just looped onto a hook or beltloop makes for an awfully noisy walk. If you’re not a big fan of your keys bouncing off your hip and jingling every time you take a step, then don’t keep them hanging off your hip. Instead, drop your keys into an extra belt holster. Pad the holster or find a well-padded holster that keeps the keys from moving too much to hit each other or the edges of the holster pocket.

Keep Jingling Items in a Neoprene Pouch

Neoprene is a great substance that we as a workforce have started using for everything. Equipment padding, handle wrapping, and safety gear alike are often made or wrapped in neoprene. It’s an artificial fabric that can, with a foam interior, be quite soft and comfortable. You can also get a padded neoprene pouch that fits nicely on your belt and muffles all sorts of small metallic sounds. If you need to keep a handful of loose hardware, keys, or change, a neoprene pouch might be the answer to doing so quietly.

Alternate Silicone Keychains

Need to keep a large ring of keys and keep it handy? Don’t want it to jingle all the dang time? Try silicone keychains. Silicone is a hot new heat-resistant, cut-resistant substance that is being seen everywhere neoprene isn’t. Silicone is now cooking utensils potholders, and – yes – keychains. With a soft silicone keychain between each key on the ring, you can reduce jingle and also more quickly identify which key you’re about to grab.

Hold Hardware on a Magnetic Wristband

If you need to keep a pocketful of screws, nuts, bolts, and other small hardware handy and don’t want it actually rattling around in your pocket, try a magnetic wristband. This can hold several pieces of metal hardware handy without fishing in your pocket or putting up with the pocket-jingle. You can also find magnetic roll-out toolkits that can tuck into your belt or bag easily and reduce the rattle of boxes or pouches of hardware.

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