5 Ways to Avoid the Bag Check Line


Bag check lines are a pain no matter where you encounter them. Many workplaces require a bag check on the way out, while amusement parks and high-end facilities may require a bag check on the way in. Either way, a bag check requirement or random selection usually demands on actually having a bag. If you or your team are looking for ways to avoid the typical bag check for a more streamlined experience, the key is to avoid having a bag that needs checking.

Of course, you’ll still need any personal items you would normally keep in a bag. The question is how to store items neatly on your person without the need for a bag. We’ve got a few ideas and supplies that can help you go bag-free to work, to events, and when traveling.  

Wear Cargo Pants for Personal Items

If the situation permits, don a pair of sturdy, spacious cargo pants. For those who enjoy the look and feel of cargo pants, this style offers a great deal of personal storage capacity. You can fit a lot more than your phone and keys in these side pockets. Most people can assemble their personal items into cargo pant pockets easily. Some pant pockets are even big enough for a modern tablet.

Tuck Small Supplies Into Your Boots or Headband

Go old-school and use storage no one thinks of anymore: the boots and hair accessories. If you wear boots over ankle height, you can stash a pen or two, at least, along the upright part of your ankle. Those who wear headbands, hats, and other hair accessories can also tuck a few small personal items into the band.

Keep Your Bag in the Car

Want to avoid a bag check even if carrying a bag is normal? Just leave it in the car and challenge yourself to choose then take exactly what is needed. During the day, you can return to the car if anything in your bag is needed. This trick works best if your storage location is only a few hundred feet from the event. For example, if your car is parked too close, dock your bag in your hotel room, at the front desk, or with a table. Basically, put your bag wherever you can return to it for quick supplies but don’t have to walk around getting it checked.

Equip Your Belt with Holsters

If there is some equipment that needs to be carried with you, try holstering it instead. The right holster for your scanner or handheld computer can make your work and business travel experience much easier. Pick a holster that fits your device by searching based on the size and device type. When you find the right holster, order it and then slide it onto your belt when you get up in the morning. Test out the holster to see how well it can hold your equipment and help you go bag-free to your next call or conference.

Stock Your Locker With On-the-Job Supplies

If you have a locker at work or while traveling, make use of it. This is one of your best assets for avoiding carrying a bag. In fact, a well-placed locker is often where you ‘put on’ your work persona. Your locker is a place you can easily return to, and it’s also somewhere you can store all the things you need on the job without having to bring in anything extra. For example, you could leave your work equipment and holsters in your locker without having to bring them in a bag every day.

Tired of the regular bag checks? Stop worrying about bag checks altogether with the right personal storage solutions.