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All You Should Know About the Large e-Holster Restaurant Server Apron


A restaurant server apron has many benefits. Employees use them for sanitary reasons and to protect themselves from stains and spills.

While most people use aprons for practical reasons, restaurants increasingly embrace them as branding and personnel identification.

We studied the principal purpose of an apron at E-holster and devised methods to make the restaurant server apron more practical, convenient, and comfortable to wear.

That is why we created a full apron with five pockets, allowing your personnel to carry pens, a server book, tablet, change, and other items needed by a waiter or waitress in their daily operations.

Here are some features;

  • Pockets for work – If you work as a waiter or waitress, you’ll like the e-Holster utility belt organizer’s many pockets. There are 5 total compartments in various sizes designed to fit a tablet or handheld POS system, server book, guest book, mobile gadgets, pens, straws, money, change, and other items you need to get your work done (4 open-top pockets and 1 pocket with Velcro closure flap).
  • Adjustable shoulder and waist straps — The waist belt has a secure plastic clasp that is easy to latch and unlatch and can be folded and hidden behind a Velcro closure on the rear side, and the shoulder strap is fully adjustable and removable.
  • Durable– Our e-Holster products are made from only the highest-quality materials, such as tough ballistic nylon, and are stitched together with industrial stitching. You can count on our bag to withstand the rigors of daily use.

The utility belt apron from e-Holster helps you accomplish your restaurant chores more efficiently while keeping your hands free. Our restaurant server apron will help you stay organized by providing a spot for everything, so you always know where to locate what you need when you need it.

You may have contemplated providing your personnel with restaurant server aprons to wear. Let’s look at the advantages of employing restaurant server aprons and where you can get them.

Benefits of Restaurant Server Aprons

Here are some advantages you can expect from our high-quality apron, which is custom-made to meet and fulfill your specific company demands.

Make Your Employees Look Good

When your staff connects with customers, they send out two signals unintentionally. The first message introduces them, while the second focuses on the company they work for. Remember that even before a customer orders anything in your restaurant, they get a first impression from the waiter’s attire—and the first impression is irreversible.

Your employee’s appearance is just as crucial as what they’re selling, if not more so. The e-holster apron’s design has a beneficial psychological effect on customers. It is because it contains a reversible shoulder and waist strap that can be hidden behind Velcro, making it look sleek and tidy.


Your employees will appreciate the convenience of its pockets. The pockets make it easy to manage pens, guest books, note pads, and tips. Thus the waiter-customer connection is significantly improved.

The E-holster is ideal because it features five compartments that allow you to carry all of your essentials.

Image Projection

Wearing an apron is an excellent method to draw attention to your business and logo. Selecting an apron that will positively represent your company and reflect how you want the general public to see your brand is critical.

Do you want your business to have a contemporary feel to it? Your restaurant’s trademark and emblem are prominently displayed on the e-holster apron. Because there are no neck-straps to block the logos, the apron serves as a full-fledged advertisement for your firm to potential clients.

Reduction in the Number of Incidents and Accidents

Employees in most hospitality businesses and restaurants are not allowed to wear loose-fitting clothing that could cause an accident. Aprons shield your employees’ clothing, uniforms, and skin from fire and accidents, practically inescapable in their work environments.

The apron protects them from burns and other mishaps. This is especially true when the apron is composed of robust materials like the E-holster restaurant server apron.

Our apron is made of tough ballistic nylon that combines with industrial stitching. Withstanding the demanding daily duties of a server or waitress, you can anticipate the apron to last a long time.

Aprons may be required if you work in the hospitality industry, particularly in the food and restaurant industries. Leaving it up to your employee’s choice could be hazardous to your restaurant’s reputation. Buy your apron today.