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7 Creative Ways to Carry Your Phone on the Job


Carrying your phone at work isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Most people would say “Just put it in your pocket”. What if your work clothes don’t have pockets or the pockets are too small? You might have been instructed not to carry personal objects with things like bags and purses left-back in the locker room. When you need it for work or personal matters, you’ll need to find a way to keep it on you at work.

The best phone storage for at-work solutions is low-key and still at hand where it is always available but does not attract attention – your or anyone else’s. So with a dearth of pockets and insufficiency of bags or nearby surfaces, how can you keep it on hand while staying on the job? Don’t worry, we have more than a few helpful ideas and phone storage solutions to try out for yourself.

Roll It Into Your Sleeve

Like a trendy greaser from the 50s, roll your phone into the upper part of your sleeve so that it sits outlined starkly on your bicep. Should anyone call you at work, flex into the vibrating ring tone. Okay, we’re mostly kidding about that, but your sleeve is a handy place for it if you’re in a hurry. T-shirts and other elbow-length short sleeve shirts can be rolled up to create a temporary ‘pocket’ just below the shoulder. This works especially well if you have something to pin the sleeve (other than the phone) once it’s rolled.

Wallet & Phone Belt Clip

One of the most practical ways to carry your phone at work without a dedicated pocket is a simple belt clip. Wallet clips and phone holster belt clips are essential to everyday duties with today’s professional teams. You can also find handy two-in-one clips that are designed to hold a standard tri-fold wallet and a standard smartphone snugly against one another in the same holster. Clipped or looped onto the belt, it isn’t going anywhere.

Phone Holster Arm Band

You can also try an armband if this is more comfortable for your work outfit and environment. A phone holster armband combines just those two elements to result in a really steady way to keep ahold of your smartphone as you work or play. The armband holds tightly to your arm and prevents it from falling – without having to get your sleeve involved. The armband can also go on bare skin or over your normal work shirt.

Pocketed Sportswear

You may be able to wear a few extra pockets under your clothes. The latest innovations in sportswear often include sleek tight-to-the-body pockets along the thigh or ribs that could comfortably hold your phone out of sight but close-at-hand. Men and women alike can wear pockets under their work uniform if the uniform itself has no place for your phone and wallet.

Wear a Running Belt

Some running belts are wide enough to contain a smartphone. Some have a special wide compartment just for modern runners’ phones. A running belt can be worn over or under your work clothes and provides an entire loop of hidden personal storage for your keys, phone, wallet, and small personal items.

Devise a Hidden Hat Pocket

You can even add a phone pocket to your hat – if you’re allowed to regularly wear a hat at work. While no one wants their phone falling from hat height after just tucking it in the brim, a little premade pocket can hold it securely even if you and the hat are doing active physical tasks.

String a Phone Lanyard

Lastly, you can actually string it on a lanyard. Modern smartphones are a little large and heavy to make a comfortable necklace pendant. If you have a strong neck and a forgetful way of leaving your phone places, a phone lanyard might be the perfect solution.

Having trouble keeping your phone conveniently on-hand while you’re on the job? Check out e-Holster options for the many ways to store your phones hands-free with or without enough pants pockets.